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My father and colleagues at Sokoine University reported a number of species of snakes on and around her slopes and indeed, from time to time, reptiles found at the university were released there. We learned two theories as to how it earned this name which in Kiswahili means the three stones for supporting a cooking pot. First, the village was said to be a popular place for collecting good cooking stones which did not crack in the heat of a fire.

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Second, it is positioned between three mountains Mindu, Mguru ndege and the Ulugurus , each apparently representing one of three stones of a giant mafiga. Perfect has added approximately new entries to the dictionary. Especially useful in this new edition is the detailed and extended bibliography at the end of the book, which traces the growth and development of Gambian studies since the s.

The absence of a local university until , meant that scholarship by Gambians was subdued. Yet, from a quick glance at the bibliography, it is clear that Gambians are beginning to study and write about their own country. The dictionary gives a good glimpse of the hope and despair of the country, especially since the army coup of that brought Jammeh to power. Contemporary events, such as the executions of nine people, including Tabara Samba in p.

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Bilateral relations Switzerland–Tanzania

Many illustrations and maps provide valuable visual tools for the reader. Each entry concludes with suggestions for further reading. Row, Robert M. Shadle Publication Date: Christopher Columbus' discovery of the new world launched a process of economic and cultural integration that continues to this day.

In the wake of Columbus's voyages, the major powers of Western Europe established imperial systems that shaped global politics and economics for centuries. This new set provides students and researchers with a much-needed, comprehensive resource on the subject of colonialism and expansion. The work describes and analyzes the many aspects of the history of Europe's expansion overseas into the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Pacific, beginning in the 15th century and the building and collapse of empires Spanish, Portuguese, British, French, Dutch, German, American.

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Race relations in decolonized regions as well as current examples of continuing dependence by much of the developing world on Western nations are covered. D52 , volumes 2nd floor Reference. The Historical Dictionary of the Coptic Church details the history of one of the oldest Christian churches. This is done through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and more than cross-referenced dictionary entries on important people, organizations, and structures; the theology and practices of the church; its literature and liturgy; and monasteries and churches.

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    In a massive Ethiopian army routed an invading Italian force and brought Italy's conquest of Africa to an end. In defending its independence, Ethiopia cast doubt on the assumption that all Africans would fall under the rule of Europeans, and opened a breach that would lead to the continent's painful struggle for freedom from colonial rule. Examines reforms to the health care sector in Sierra Leone in the early to mid s. Might provide some historical background on the health care system in place during the ebola outbreak.

    This volume reexamines the Maji Maji war of in Tanzania, the largest African rebellion against European colonialism. Contributors provide histories of previously neglected localities and groups, and new insight into the use of protective medicines believed to provide invulnerability. B73 4th floor. Contains, for example, a chapter entitled "The effects of the Maji Maji Rebellion of on German occupation policy in East Africa". W48 4th floor.