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By engaging with Scientix, teachers and schools can learn from others, and get anything they need for their STEM classes. Their role is to act as a link between Scientix at a European level and activities taking place in each country. NCPs engage with national communities of STEM professionals, publicise Scientix activities, provide information and exchange opportunities, and organise national workshops, webinars and other related activities, depending on the needs of the country in terms of STEM education.

Science education in Europe

NCPs also monitor and analyse national initiatives regarding science education policy and practice, providing an overview of the national initiatives in science education taking place across Europe. These reports are published on the Scientix website. In the main, NCPs are Ministries of Education, but, in some cases, they are teacher training institutions, universities or teacher organisations that are best placed to support STEM education in the relevant countries.

101 Ideas on the Future of Research and Innovation in Europe

Download this career guide. Since then, however, it has become a catalyser for collaboration and exchange among all those working to improve STEM education, while still providing a repository of resources from EU- funded projects.

UK schools and teachers will continue to be welcome to access the resources and online activities and training, like all other teachers and schools worldwide. European Commission: Call for applications for the selection of members of the commission expert group.

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On 13 Mai , the European Commission launched a call for experts to join future Mission Boards, which will advise the Commission on the new concept of Missions in Horizon Europe, the next EU research and innovation programme. EASSH position paper. In this paper, the Alliance recommends that to best capture the impact of research, researchers must be enabled to use a diversity of methods, data sources and forms of explaining the impact of their projects. The series explores how the use of scientific evidence in education has informed and transformed relationships between research, policy, and practice for the public good on regional and international levels.

European pedagogical resources - European Physical Society (EPS)

EERA supports all efforts to open discussions about the development of research and innovation in Europe and hopes that future publications will continue to take account of the breadth and richness of conceptualisation of education and educational research that underpins the work of the association at all levels. NW Application Deadline: 31 January.

Young people are increasingly disengaged from science learning in schools and this is causing great concern in the European Commission and other global players. The core message is that science learning in schools needs dramatic change and fundamental re-thinking to appeal to the young generations.

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We thus conclude that science aspirations sit in an uneasy tension with femininity and must be continually carefully negotiated and defended against challenges from wider popular discourses which align science with masculinity. ScienceGirls Video.

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