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I say it is a wonderful book because it is so well written. I should note that it is book 3 of the Transitions Trilogy, and one may be lost as to who the characters are if they just start from their, given this is book 19 in his series regarding his character Drizzt. It is going to be good!!! Norseman likes this. I just started Crossroads of Twilight, the tenth part of the Robert Jordan serial.

Monkeylord , Feb 3, They don't state they've got the solutions to the mysteries, but talk about the different theories and their pro's and con's. Then you can decide for yourself what you think.

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Commentary on the Book of Revelation by William R. Dzia Dzia and BamaT like this. Just had to read this little love story for one of my classes. The Fault of the Stars. It's kind of a downer TBH. If your a dude that can't remember the last time you cried, this would be a great way to get those tear ducts working Chicks would probably dig it.

JRod22 , Feb 3, I thought the fault was not in the stars, but in ourselves? Ameritopia- by Mark Levin. Heloguy , Feb 3, Norseman , Feb 3, Wow, it's been a while since this was started. There's been more but that's all I can remember right now.

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At the moment i read Charles Bukowski. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you'll like this book. Even if he has to lie, cheat, steal, and stuff ballot boxes to do it. No corrupt martial government is a match for the diGriz family.

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Armed with their combined good looks and sharp wits, a fast car, lots of cool gadgets, a wardrobe of disguises, and plenty of sleep gas and nose plugs, they set out to bring down the tyrant. And, of course, we know they will — the fun is in how they get it done and the trouble they run into along the way. Not Spanish, Esperanto, a language that Harrison was adept in, and a champion of.

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Hypercompetent family takes on the military dictatorship of an entire planet, and wins due to cunning and massive technological advantage. This book is back to the classic rat -- a simple criminal romp through an unsuspecting society, his hottie wife in tow, and with his two now grown kids along for the fun. I enjoyed this book a lot. The plot? It's great. It is guilty of the standard cliche where a part of Earth South America is stretched out to cover a complete planet. On the other hand, the careful insertion of Spanish words and cultural bits is good for making it feel like somewhere in the Latin world.

Um, you know that the Stainless Steel Rat is going to win. Because it's just that kind of a series. But the real fun is living briefly in the Stainless Steel Rat's head. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms.

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